Microsoft executive Kudo Tsudonda is quite confident in the Xbox One’s games lineup over the next few months. “The amount of big, blockbuster, exclusive titles that you can get on Xbox is just stunning,” he stated in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine. “I mean, it’s really amazing. I think if you look at our competition, there’s no way that people can really stack up with our exclusive content.” The interview was posted by the magazine’s sister site, GamesRadar.

The Xbox’s holiday library is a bit stacked, with Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza 6, and Fable Legends. However, I doubt we’ll be seeing a stacked year like in 2007, unlike another Microsoft manager stated.  Halo 5 looked decent, but I think a fair amount of us will still be playing some splitscreen Halo 3 with some mates.

While the PS4 does have a smaller exclusives lineup this holiday season, Sony’s attempt to make up ground with exclusive content, such as being first on the Black Ops 3 beta, has helped it hold its ground. As well, we’ll be seeing some more exclusives for the PS4 after the holiday season with Uncharted 4 and The Last Guardian.

How do you think the lack of immediate exclusives will hold out for Sony? Will Microsoft begin to topple Sony’s month after month of crushing them in console sales? Or will this still not be enough to push down Sony? Sound off in the comments!

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