When the new Star Wars Battlefront was initially revealed, you can’t blame many gamers who saw it simply as Battlefield with a Star Wars skin. It looked like Battlefield for sure, only set in the Star Wars universe and with Star Wars items. Nevertheless, studio general manager at DICE – Patrick Bach – has confirmed that now that people have gone hands-on with the game, they have realised that it’s its very own beast. Speaking to OXM, Bach had this to say:

“The misconception is sometimes that ‘even though I don’t think it’s Battlefield… it probably is and they’re just hiding it really well’. But that’s not the way it is. Battlefield is not a puzzle – you can’t just take a piece and move it elsewhere. You have to build things from scratch.

Building Battlefront means going back to the roots and building it up from the ground. That doesn’t mean you start with nothing, but it doesn’t mean you can re-skin things.”

So do you still think that Battlefront will feel all to familiar for those of us who have become accustomed to Battlefield, or are you trusting Mr. Bach when he says that Battlefront is something totally different?

Battlefront re skin

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