For a long time now, there has been an ongoing battle between PC and consoles gamers. Which is the ultimate gaming experience? Do you prefer a mouse or a keyboard? On the PC side, it really depends on the equipment you have, as all computers are not made equal. Evidently, Microsoft is making a move to make sure Windows 10 is what you want running when playing any game on your computer. This has been made apparent by the creation of a Game Mode.

Discovered by WalkingCat from a leaked build, it seems Windows 10 will be integrating a Game Mode for anyone who is a gamer on their Microsoft computers. Within this mode, the operating system to will move around all the resources available to make the player’s game run as smoothly as possible. Since modern consoles are not just for gaming anymore, this same system is what Xbox One owners experience every day. For it to be seen on an actual Windows 10 PC, it could really make a difference in gameplay.

Microsoft has not officially announced this Game Mode yet. It is also unclear on if the Game Mode would work for those on Steam  as well as those that came directly from the Windows Store. We look forward to hearing more about this feature in the future.

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