Persona 5

Persona 5 has been pushed back to 2016.

Atlus had to delay Persona 5; however, they still presented the game at the Tokyo Game Show. The trailer shows off some new movies scenes, and gameplay.

The movie scenes are done in a beautiful anime style. The gameplay reveals some cool looking locations, and are flooded with more people than the other games. This helps give the city more life then the other Persona installments had. 

Persona 5 city streets

The art style of this game is really cool and unique. At one point of the trailer, the characters are running on the street, and they are splashing up cool pink liquid. The characters can also interact with paintings by jumping into them. It’s a mystery as to what uses those paintings will have.

Personas are the manifestation of a person’s personality. A persona can be summoned in order to use special skills or spells. Usually, the main character of these series is the only one who can use more than one persona. In fact, he can use around a hundred personas. The main character can become extremely flexible and useful with the personas he carries.

I know most fans of the franchise are upset at the delay, but I believe this just means they want to create a great game. That may require a little bit more time than anticipated. The trailer is located below.

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