Announced on the NicoNico livestream from The Pokemon Company, there is a brand new smartphone app game called Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Company will be working with Niantic to make this game a reality. Niantic is a start-up company from Google that is based in San Francisco and is primarily focused on augmented reality.

It was announced that Pokemon Go will also come with a wearable device called a ‘Pokemon Go Plus’ that utilizes the smartphone’s Bluetooth in order to send out warnings to the phone when there’s a Pokemon nearby.

On stream, Shigeru Miyamoto compared the game to the fairly popular and nostalgic Pokemon Snap in the regards for exploring for Pokemon simply being around in the wild world. Pokemon Go will feature the tried and true catching monsters with the addition of trading Pokemon between other Pokemon Go users and battling with one another.

The final part of the video demonstrates a ‘boss battle’ event where players would be able to have a chance to capture rare legendary Pokemon (like Mewtwo) by battling it and taking it down with the assistance of everybody else that participates.

The trailer made me smile, it’s definitely a very big deal and it is a very amazing concept that we’ve all entertained for a long time. It might not be Pokemon Snap 2, but it’ll have to do. Pokemon Go will be released on iOS and Android devices in 2016.

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