Earlier today at Sony’s Playstation press conference TGS 2015, Capcom announced a new fast paced shooter for Resident Evil fans entitled Umbrella Corps. Umbrella Corps is a hybrid Third Person and First Person shooter that utilizes cover and different mechanics to attack both opposing players and zombie hordes.

The four unique mechanics featured in the trailer of Umbrella Corps are The Brainer, Tactical Shield, Terrain Spikes, and Zombie Jammer. THE BRAINER, which looks like an ice-axe, is used for both climbing through levels and instant kills on zombies and opposing players. The Brainer is also part of what looked like a close quarters combat system where players could attack and counterattack for instant kills.

The TACTICAL SHIELD can be used to block small arms fire and zombie attacks. Once a zombie attacks the Tactical Shield, the zombie locks onto it and the player can then dispatch of the zombie or use it as a shield against other targets. The TERRAIN SPIKES are used in close quarters combat to smash zombie skulls.

Finally, the ZOMBIE JAMMER is a module on the back of a player that puts out electromagnetic waves making the player virtually invisible to zombies. If a player’s Zombie Jammer is disabled, they will be quickly overrun by the zombie horde. This mechanic will bring an interesting twist to the gameplay strategy.

Umbrella Corps is expected to be released in early 2016. Check out the trailer below.

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