Fallout and its latest installment have been a milestone in the era of open-world gameplay. There are so many lands to see, from scorching deserts to the amusement park of Nuketown. The developers at Bethesda have put in a lot of work to make these worlds as real and engaging as possible. With new updates coming to Fallout 4 next week, the gorgeous art and graphics for this title will be better than ever.

Two major updates are coming for the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the open-world adventure. For Sony fans, this update is particularly important, as it will now add full support of the PlayStation 4 Pro, bringing all of its graphical upgrades with it, including:

  • Native 1440p resolution
  • Enhanced draw distance for trees, grass, objects and NPCs
  • Enhanced Godray effects

Those who play Fallout 4 on their PC will have their own update as well. The High Resolution Texture Pack is coming to increase the graphical look of just about every object in the game. Of course, your computer will have to be able to handle the power. These are the recommended specs:

Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
Intel Core i7-5820K or better
GTX 1080 8GB
8GB+ Ram

With these new updates, the worlds of Fallout 4 will be better than ever.

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