Overwatch is an upcoming first-person shooter from legendary developer Blizzard Entertainment. Today a new video for the game was released, showing off one of the game’s playable characters: Jesse McCree.

McCree has been announced for Overwatch before, but now we get to see him in action. The bounty hunter wields a six-shooter, and has a robotic prosthetic arm. In the gameplay, we some of his abilities, including a flashbang grenade that staggers and blinds his enemies, and the Deadshot, an ability that lets him mark targets and take them out in one fell swoop. All this from a man sporting a BAMF belt buckle.

Overwatch was first announced at BlizzCon last year. The game has players choose one of many heroes, all of whom have their own abilities and roles on the team. So far, two modes have been announced: Payload and Point Capture. Payload has an attacking team move a payload to a delivery point, while the defending team halts the attacker’s progress until time runs out. Point Capture features an offensive team and a defensive team. The attackers must capture critical objectives, while the defenders maintain control of them until time runs out.

Overwatch is coming to PC, with a beta later this year.

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