Americas Championship is coming up this weekend, and the next sale will be influenced by it.

According to Blizzard, along with the regular sale, the winning team of Americas Championship chosen heroes will be put on sale on the 22nd. On the 29th, to further celebrate their win and spot in Blizzcon, all of the skins used on the winning heroes will be on sale, again this is on top of the regular sale.

Hopefully all of the teams are well informed of this and have their characters suited up in some snazzy looking skins. Americas Championship is one of the first Regionals to be completed, and we will begin to see what lineup is featured at Heroes of the Storm this year because of it.

This is the first year Heroes of the Storm will be featured at Blizzcon since its official release, but you can expect it to keep coming back with the type of backing Blizzard gives to their intended esports.

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