We already know about one new character joining the Street Fighter roster when the fifth game in the series releases next year. It seems that three more never-before-seen fighters will be joining the game’s roster next year as well.

At the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, Street Fighter brand director Matt Dahlgren stated that three more new characters will be joining Street Fighter V’s roster. The three new fighters will be announced in the months leading to the game’s release in 2016. After the release, Capcom plans on adding more characters to the game as DLC.

Street Fighter V will ship with 16 characters. Eight of those character will be series staples, such as Ryu and Chun-Li. Another four are fighters that have not been in the series in awhile, such as R. Miku. The final four will be brand new to the series, including the previously announced Necalli.

“The roster discussion is probably the most intense one internally before the game comes out,” says Dahlgren. “The end result is really going to be a roster that’s unlike Street Fighter 4. It’s got its own unique flavor to it. And if your character didn’t make it now, we are going to be revealing post-launch characters.”

Street Fighter V will release in March 2016. The game will release on PC and PlayStation 4. You can check out the latest character reveal for the game, Rainbow Mika, here.

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