In a blog post made over the weekend, 343 Industries has detailed the upcoming November update for Halo 5, including the new Big Team Battle in Arena matchmaking, new REQs, and some very special maps.

In about a week, Halo 5 will be receiving the update to include the 8v8 Big Team Battle mode, which will feature four new maps created in the upcoming Forge mode by a team of popular Forgers created by 343 themselves. The maps have been meticulously built and detailed by the team to be perfect for the upcoming mode, and are all inspired by previous Halo maps.

In addition, an image revealing and teasing new REQs was also released. Over the week, 343 will be revealing more through Twitter.

Finally, the “Slow turn” bug was addressed by Chris King and Scott Sims, a designer and engineer for Halo 5 respectively. The two explained their thought process behind the new aiming mechanics, and discussed what was causing the bug, and explained how they are currently testing a fix that should be released in the near future.

If you would like to read the full blog post, it is available here on Halo Waypoint.

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