The excitement for Twilight Princess HD grows as Nintendo continues to feed the fans with tidbits at a time of what they will be experiencing this coming March.  The newest teaser explores a feature called Hero Mode, which can be accessed from the initial creation of a new save file.  This mode can be stacked on the x4 damage boost that happens when placing the Ganondorf Amiibo on the WiiU Gamepad. This mode, quite literally, flips the entire game in a mirrored view.  And every monster deals significantly more damage to Link.

Hero Mode will not have heart drops, so stock up on fairies, potions, and heart pieces.  Better keep those Zelda or Sheik Amiibos on hand to replenish your hearts, but remember it can only be used once per play session when on Hero Mode.  No amount of monster killing, grass cutting or pot smashing will get you that desperately needed heart. You’ll need to plan ahead!

Some fans have owned both the Gamecube and Wii copies know how to play a mirrored version of the game.  However, in Twilight Princess HD, they will now have the added difficulty of keeping Link alive as his health appears to be a bit squishier than before.

The trailer also gives us a little insight into the Ghost Lantern, a device Link can use to track down Poes.  And there is a quick demonstration of the support capabilities of the Gamepad when using the bow or other weapons and tools used through aim.  In addition, to the traditional Zelda related Amiibos, the Wolf Link Amiibo will be used to unlock the Cave of Shadows, a new challenge dungeon for Wolf Link and Midna to take on.

See what Nintendo has in store below!

Twilight Princess HD will be available for the WiiU on March 4th.

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