It’s that time of year again in Warcraft. The camps arrive outside Orgrimmar and Ironforge for players to take part in Brewfest. At the camps, players will find quests, vendors, and everflowing kegs of brew! World of Warcraft’s Brewfest is an in-game version of the Bavarian fair Oktoberfest, complete with its own special festival music and activies. Running from September 19 through October 6 this is your chance to celebrate the brews of Azeroth in game.

Compete in range of activities from ram racing to catching wolpertingers and fetching kegs of brew to earn Brewfest prize tokens which can be used to purchase special seasonal goodies from the camp vendors. There is also an event only boss that spawns in the Blackrock Depths dungeon, Coren Direbrew, who has the chance to drop two rare mounts, the Great Brewfest Kodo and the Swift Brewfest Ram.

There are also a number of achievements players can obtain for various tasks like getting the wolpertinger pet from the quest line, stopping the the Dark Iron attack on the Brewfest grounds and Killing Coren Direbrew. There is also an addition to world events meta achievement, completing six of the achievements gets you the Brewmaster title and counts towards the year long accolade of “What a long, strange trip it’s been”.

For a full guide to all the activities, quests, loot and achievements check out Wowhead’s guide here.

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