YouTube user Jake McNeill posted a ten minute gameplay video on his page of him playing both the Rebel and the Imperial side in Star Wars Battlefront as they try to protect/shut down the uplink towers on Hoth.

The gameplay comes from an closed alpha test on the PC and although it doesn’t show any vehicular combat (he doesn’t get into an AT-AT or X-wing), McNeill does get into plenty of ground combat on the snowy vistas of Hoth (making ample use of his jetpack) and the interiors of the Rebel Alliance base.

It’s important to note, as it was pointed out in the comments section, the voices are of his clanmates playing Battlefield 4, “My voice wasnt recorded at all.. what you hear 90% of the time is my clanmates playing BF4 ( and yes they’re whining lil bastages) lol”.

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