There’s a genius fan-made video that puts the audio from real football commentators with the video from some amazing Rocket League goals – the result? An incredibly entertaining addition to the game, and maybe something for the devs to think about putting in as DLC.

YouTube channel thumbstickathletes put up a video titled ‘Rocket League with Real Announcers’, which you can watch below; this video is a taste of what we would see and hear if Rocket League was something you could flip on to on ESPN.

In the game that is essentially football with cars and explosions, someone was bound to combine the idea of commentators with the gameplay eventually. These goals are impressive, though, and there will never be a shortage of crazy exclamations made by commentators, so you’ll probably be seeing more videos like this in the future.

By the end of July, Rocket League had been downloaded over 5 million times across PC and the PlayStation 4, and has been undoubtedly one of the most popular games this summer. With more DLC and the announcement that Rocket League will be coming to other platforms, the hype and potential for the game continue to grow.


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