The official XCOM 2 website has recently been updated, and you can now find the bios of the main supporting cast of the game on there.

There are three main characters that you will predominantly come into contact with as your time as the ‘Commander’ of the Avenger (XCOM 2’s new mobile base): Dr. Tygan, Chief Shen and of course Central Officer Bradford.

The first character listed is An-Yi ‘Lily’ Shen, who not only brings the female representation but the classic tragic backstory to-boot. She’s an engineer, with Daddy issues – perhaps – but is smart and quick to the fight.

Next is Dr. Richard Tygan, the scientist of the group. This is the classic bad-turned-good guy, with all the inside knowledge on ADVENT, because, you guessed it, he used to be a biochemist for them. He’s good at his job, though, and respects you as a Commander, so what he did before is all in the past now, right?

Finally, you should remember Central Officer Bradford from the first game, as he was one of the few original XCOM personnel to survive. Between dodging ADVENT and alcoholism, he’s only going to be of any use to you if you succeed. The Commander (that’s you) is all the hope that he, and humanity, has left.

Feeling pumped to get playing yet? Give the site linked above a look for a more in-depth breakdown of the characters, and some neat videos that give you some extra detail on the game.

XCOM 2 is due to be released exclusively on PC on February 5th 2016.


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