Being a fan of annoying people with weird Facebook stickers in messenges (ie: thrusting batman, exasperated fishman, and super sassy shark), the arrival of League of Legends stickers in the sticker storee on Facebook is something that this writer takes with great pleasure.

Some of the stickers included are Ezreal, Lee Sin, Jayce, Caitlin, Lulu, Zilean, Teemo, Braum, Vi but no Jinx. Why is there no Jinx?

Some of them are posing as popular memes, with Ezreal being an emote that I use often in Skype, text and most commonly Town of Salem. It is a good representation of givng up on everything altogether.

They are free in the sticker store on Facebook, of course, so make sure you grab them! There is no word on whether they are a permanent thing or not.


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