Capcom recently revealed that they will be releasing Dragons Dogma Online, the sequel to the highly regarded 2012 title, exclusively for the PS4 featuring 1080p graphics. This is a monumental move for the development team at Capcom. The game will be cross platform between PC PS4 and PS3. Not to mention free-to-play.

The August 31st release is huge for the conglomerate as they are supposedly working tirelessly on another PS4 exclusive Deep Down. A dungeon crawl RPG, said to have a very similar feel to Dark Souls.

All things considered, the world finally has a reason to be excited for Capcom and a possible come back for the video company. Hopefully this take on some more serious titles will continue. They could be looking at a very strong year and it has a lot to do with Dragons Dogma Online.

It might actually be worth a look.

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