Recently, YouPorn has just inserted themselves into the eSports scene by sponsoring their own DOTA 2 team. The team originally known as No Broodmama will now be known as TeamYP. The team consists of some of the best Canadian and American MOBA players and are currently grinding towards ESL-One New York this weekend.

“We’re especially excited about this partnership, for it’s a validation of our vision for our future within the eSports industry,” says Vice President of YouPorn Brad Burns. “Formed 1 year ago, Team YP is now looking to affirm its presence as one of the world’s best eSports gaming organizations.”

It’s interesting that a porn website would get in bed with the eSports crowd, since currently eSports has been a bit of a marginalized genre, barely licking the rim of public acceptance. But one could argue that the adult entertainment industry is even more marginalized, so we could be seeing the two coalesce for a shared goal.

Do you think that YouPorn penetrating the eSports market will be successful? Or do you see this as a short relationship that will quickly blow up in their faces? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Escapist Magazine

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