It’s still in Early Access, but the updates are still meaty and full of girth. The latest patch for ARK: Survival Evolved introduces the community-demanded breeding mechanic. Now, dinosaurs tamed can get together and perform coitus to procreate young fledglings. As of now, the breeding process can only be achieved with two of the same species. So no T-Raptors for those among you drunk with God powers.

According to the update page, the growth period extends to real-time so it does take a very long time for the dinosaur to reach adulthood after being born. The breeding process is done in order to obtain new generations of dinosaur with high-tier traits and stats.

A second addition is the brand new giant sea dwelling dinosaur: The Mosasaurus.

Also known as “The Terror of the Deep” it is a colossal over the previously biggest sea creature the “Ultramegalodon”. Said to grow to as large as 50 feet in length. Since the creature is so large, its back is suitable for aquatic mobile bases. Get to taming your very own chauffeur!

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