Slogging away at creating custom games for Dota 2, user Myll will be capitalizing on next weeks Dota 2 Reborn release with its introduction of Custom Games. The Custom Games feature will be detailed later next week before its release later on in the week.

Dota Striker; Myll’s custom game creating a Soccer (Or football) minigame using assets from Dota 2. Posting up details on the Dota 2 subreddit, it shows an alpha look at the features and how it plays.

The available characters with specialized skills for use in the Dota Striker is Anti-Mage, Earth Shaker, Wisp, Blood Seeker, Queen of Pain, Puck, Invoker and Enigma. Each character can shoot and send out pass requests; and each have a unique specialized defence and aggressive ability in order to protect and steal the ball. As added fun, there’s also an emote button in the inventory slot.

Other planned features include weather effects to spice up the field, scoreboard UI and in-game UI to keep the game in check and orderly.

Dota Striker will be released as soon as Dota 2 Reborn is released and will be one of the starting pioneers for the Custom Game tab. Hopefully it’ll get a lot more support and added content and become an incredibly fun game with an active community similarly to Starcraft 2’s arcade and the like. Again, more information regarding Custom Games will be revealed in the next few days.

It is also worth noting that this isn’t the first time soccer has been recreated in Dota 2, an old custom game by steam user skip has long since been canned but the premise was just as fun. Here’s hoping this one sticks around and gets even more polished!

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