Bungie has released a lot of the details for the next major patch coming to Destiny. The update, 2.0.2 was discussed on the Bungie blog and will be released at some point in November.

A big part of the patch is fixing how rewards drop in the crucible. Bungie discovered a bug in the system after rewards were not dropping as intended during the Iron Banner event. The patch will fix the issue and players will enjoy more Legendary drops in the end game screen after a Crucible game.

The patch will also focus on fixing bounties that are too difficult and rely heavily on teammates. The update will also focus on changing the “Crucible Forged” quest line, which has been deemed to be too long and too difficult.

Bungie hopes to have the 2.0.2 update out before American Thanksgiving. In other Destiny news the hard mode King’s Fall raid is available today at 1 PM EDT and the Trials of Osiris will be returning on October 30th.

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