Demand has been massive for MMORPG WildStar since it’s switch to the free-to-play model that Carbine Studios are looking to switch up their server structure. The additional realms seek to reduce issues currently facing the players such as lag, long loading times and slow responses from servers when creating a character.

On the WildStar website, Carbine writes that ” a huge number of new and returning players have experienced the game” since the switch and re-launch earlier this week. “We understand that, for some, the experience hasn’t been what it should be. Frankly, our megaservers are not handling the load they should. This means our server capacity isn’t keeping up with demand. We are working very hard to fix this and making improvements every hour.”

In total Carbine is seeking to open four additional WildStar realms in the United States and in Europe, which will “significantly increase the amount of players who can get into WildStar.” In doing this, the developers hope to “address the issues above, dramatically improving the game experience, reducing lag, and improving queues.”

These “sister servers” are only a temporary measure, however. Once Carbine has been able to remove the issues from WildStar, they will be merged back together. For now though, players will be given the ability to transfer characters across these new servers for free.

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