Taking place years after Human Revolution, our loveable gruff Adam Jensen has become a covert operative within a world that hates entities like him: Augmented humans. In the above trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided shows off just how augmented he is and his combat prowess with his new tools. Adam’s evolution to defend himself in a bigot world is substantial with the various showcased weapons including the Titan shield, Tesla, Nanoblade and Pulsed Energy Projection System.

The PEPS looks to be a pulse augment that knocks away entities. The Tesla is a charge augment that springs out electric needles from his knuckle that locks on and homes in on targets. The Nanoblade augments his arm with a sharp ballistic blade that can pierce right through enemies. Finally the Titan shield covers Adam’s body with nano technology that makes him impervious or at least have a high resistance to incoming bullets.

Overall the game still looks exciting, the story ramps up with a bit more detail on the war against augmented humans and ‘naturals’. The weapon showcase merely shows off the options that Adam will have to fulfill his goals, lethally or non-lethally.

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