The long anticipated Fatal Frame 5 is approaching the western market at an alarming pace. The official Nintendo UK Fatal Frame 5 site is up right now and has information on the story, the series staple camera obscura, cameras and a detailed map with all of it’s plot-filled landmarks.

Project Zero Maiden of Black Water map

There are already some early footages of the english build of the game all over. Here’s the first half hour from NinEverything:

The game looks incredible and has some amazing looking textures. The game looks like it runs very smoothly and retains the atmospheric appeal that fans of the series have come to know: young looking girls with a camera in a spooky house.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is slated for release on Wii U. It has already released in Japan on September 27th. North America will be seeing the game on the 22nd of October and Europe is getting it on the 30th. The North American version will only be an eshop title with limited retail releases coming to Australia and Europe.

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