According an email to Polygon, co-founder of Humble Bundle John Graham had revealed that the company was forced to let go of 20% of the staff on the team last week.

“Despite strong revenue, and our community surpassing $65 million raised for charity to date, our past hiring was too ambitious and we had to make a hard call last week”.

The lay offs ranged from all across the team, with the creative, engineering, business development and communications department being the most effected.

Despite their latest move to generate social buzz with their Humble monthly bundle subscription $12 deal, the damage has already been done and the team is reeling from the expansions they’ve made.

While the company is still pulling in crazy numbers with bundles sold, there is a very obvious diminished interest. While the very first Humble Indie bundle sold in the million, the latest has managed to sell over 137,000 bundles with a day left until the end of the bundle.

It’s an utter shame and I hope the workers laid off are given support and land on their feet again. Hopefully this doesn’t deter them from furthering themselves in their career. I also hope that Humble’s monthly bundle manages to kick off for the team and this will prompt Humble to start having contingencies in case things get this dire again.

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