343 Industries has announced, on the Halowaypoint website, the latest free content update for Halo 5 entitled “Infinity’s Armory.”

The January update will feature two new maps, two new assassinations, new armor, new weapons skins, and a whole lot of new REQs.

There are two new multiplayer maps, RIPTIDE is the new arena map on a terraformed planet and URBAN is the new Warzone map that puts players on the war-torn planet of Andesia. There are two new Carbine REQs, RAIN OF OBLIVION and BLOOD OF SUBAN, and there is a new Halo 2 Battle Rifle REQ called the BR55. “PARTY LIKE IT’S 2004!” the developers announced about the BR55. There are two new assassinations Wind Up and Stop Stabbing Yourself, and the new armor, Achilles, can be seen in the picture at the top of the article.

The expansion should launch sometime next week, but the developer did not give an exact date on when it will be released. The full update details including the REQ gallery can be found on Halo’s website here. Assassinations and more can be found in the GIFs and gallery below.

Wind Up:


Stop Stabbing Yourself:


Pictures of the new maps, highlighted REQs, and weapon skins can be seen in the gallery below.

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