Strategy games can be impenetrable to the common man sometimes. The Galactic Civilization series has always scratched a powerful itch by letting players get a sturdy 4X fix while also being accessible. Its one draw back was that it looked a little primitive. The recent launch of Galactic Civilizations III takes those meager gripes and jettisons them out the airlock like so much spacetrash.

This landmark title from Stardock hit Steam last Thursday and the universe has been getting settled by gamers all weekend. Galactic Civilizations 3 gives players a massive galaxy filled with all kinds aliens to rub elbows with, or to play as.

There are plenty of ways to conquer the galaxy, ranging from military conquest, to ideology, to trade. The galaxy is an interesting place with a lot to discover as well. There are hundreds to research directions to pursue, and more ways to shape the galaxy than you can shake a warp drive at. You can try your hand at planetary development, maybe some starbase construction, a little inter-faction negition action might be your style, or ideological warfare are all on the table.

Galactic Civilizations 3 is hosting an event this weekend only. Anyone that jumps on during this launch weekend will receive exclusive ship components. You can customize your armadas and tear around the stars in style.

This is the most expansive and best looking Galactic Civilizations game to date, and it’s out now. Grab it up on Steam and show those aliens who wears the pants in this galaxy.

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