As gamers, we are always thinking about what could make the next game great. What combination of ideas and hard working people would result in something truly special? Last month we explored the possibility of big names from the film industry lending their talents to gaming and how some of those might turn out. Today, however, we are turning things around. Hollywood is filled with a lot of reboots, remakes, and sequels these days. Perhaps some fresh minds from the gaming world could change things on the silver screen.

Here are the Top 5 gaming industry veterans we would like to see contribute to the film industry

1. Koji Kondo

Koji Kondo

It is impossible to turn on a classic Super Mario Bros game without a little smile coming to you before you even start to play. Of course, even though everyone should be happy when they are about to play Super Mario, the trigger that gets you going is the music. Koji Kondo has, without a doubt, created the most iconic music in the gaming industry with his soundtracks to Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and more. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that some of his tunes are among the most well known in the world. He is sometimes nicknamed the “Japanese John Williams.” John Williams has certainly proven his success in Hollywood, and so it only makes sense that Koji Kondo should lend his talents to an original film score himself.

2. Chris Metzen

Chris Metzen Blizzard

Whether you are a super fan of Blizzard or not, every gamer can recognize that they have more control with their franchises’ lore than anyone else. Any Diablo, Starcraft, or Warcraft game you step into is so rich with backstory, it feels like Star Wars. While there are many people to thank for this, the main guy pushing it all was Chris Metzen. He was the brains that lead to the creation of these three wondrous fictional universes. As sad as it was to see him announce his retirement earlier this year, perhaps with his new free time he could lend his talent to the film world.

3. Nobuo Uematsu 

Nobuo Uematsu

While the most likely candidate for most iconic video game composer is already on this list, Uematsu is so talented in his own right, that he has earned himself a spot as well. Not only does he have a much different and darker style than Kondo, but he is also much more used to developing soundtracks for story driven games. This makes him a top notch pick to right compositions for a feature length film. His band, the Black Mages, did the music for the animated film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, but many of the tracks were renditions of previous Final Fantasy VII songs. He should make a new score from scratch for an original film to call his own.

4. Hideo Kojima

hideo kojima

Let’s be honest. Kojima has practically already made a number of movies. The cutscenes of the last couple Metal Gear games have been so cinematic that they could be put together and called a film all on their own, and Kojima has proven time and time again that he has a great connection to his characters. His audience connection, however, is not always so pleasurable. His Silent Hills playable teaser, known as PT, was possibly the most frightening experience a gamer could have. No doubt, Kojima knows how to tell a story and make it so that the players can’t look away. Why not bring his talent to the big screen for a full fledged Horror film?

5. Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto

I’m going to be honest, the godfather of all gaming almost didn’t make the list. The reason for this is that he is the most pure game designer ever to live. Everything he creates is about how it will feel to the player, as opposed to a comfortably sitting audience. What eventually changed my mind is the fact that everything he touches turns to gold and how his franchises have evolved so much over time. As the Mario and Zelda universes grow, they have each become more cinematic than before. What’s even better is the fact they feature such unique storytelling. Hardly any words ever spoken, almost the entire story is told through game visuals and progression. This is a special touch that the film industry could really use.

Honorable Mention: Hironobu Sakaguchi

Hironobu Sakaguchi

This is the man that gave us Final Fantasy, the game and series that single handedly saved Square. Beyond that, Final Fantasy is probably the most well known franchise when it comes to story driven role-playing titles. Hironobu Sakaguchi changed the way narrative could be used in the video game world. The reason he is an honorable mention, however, is because he already had a shot at Hollywood as a co-director and writer for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. It had a huge ensemble cast, big budget, and pushed the CG limitations of its time. Unfortunately, it fell a little flat as a film. While it isn’t the Super Mario Brothers movie, it is no Godfather either. But, perhaps after all he’s given us, Sakaguchi could get another go in the film world.

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