Mobile smash-hit Fallout Shelter has received a free Halloween-themed update.

This newest update introduces Halloween costumes like skeleton suits and a specialty based on everyone’s favourite Friday the 13th slasher Jason Voorhees and decorates everyone’s prized vaults with cobwebs, pumpkins, skeletons and skulls.

You can find the full Fallout Shelter patch notes below:

  • Improvements to sudden Vault shutdown and un-cooperative Wasteland Dwellers.
  • New Vault-Tec network protocols are finally in place. Now you can save your Vault to the “cloud,” (no moisture condenser necessary!) or continue any Vault experiment on all of your devices.
  • Some Dwellers are reporting strange, some would even say mysterious, sightings in Vaults around the Wasteland. Vault-Tec is offering a bottle cap reward for any positive identification.
  • Faced all the challenges the “normal” Vault simulation can provide? Introducing Survival Mode! More danger, More glory. Make Vault-Tec proud.
  • New Vault-Tec directive – Dwellers have been given authorization to scavenge equipment from dead Raiders. Gear up.
  • Are you an experienced Overseer who has already undergone Vault operational training? Now you can skip the tutorial.
  • In an effort to assist Overseers in running their Vaults more efficiently, Vault-Tec has added a statistics page to the Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide (VDSG).
  • Support added for Russian-speaking Overseers.
  • Continued general maintenance to the Vault simulation. Because when you speak, Vault-Tec listens.

Like all of Bethesda’s prior Fallout Shelter update, this new addition will be free, adding extra content via the purchasable lunchboxes that took the playerbase by storm.

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