Club Nintendo members, the end is nigh. That fateful day, announced earlier this year, is finally upon us. This is the last week anyone will ever be able to use Club Nintendo Coins ever again; June 30th to be exact.

Now, this is not breaking news since this date was on the schedule for the dissolution of Club Nintendo, released on January 20th of this year. This is merely a reminder to those of you that have been hording your Coins for the end times. Coin holders still have quite a selection of Virtual Console games to choose from for Wii U, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS systems. If you’ve got at least 80 Coins, the lowest cost for a title, I implore you to check the Club library selection out here. The majority of titles, however, start in the 150 to 200 Coins range.

This is the time to spend Coins for games if for no other reason than “Why not?” because after this week you’ll never have this chance again.

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