It’s been a month since the release of Destiny: The Taken King, and chances are if you’re still playing you’ve already finished the latest Raid, King’s Fall. Well get ready to team up again soon because according to Bungie’s weekly Destiny update, the Hard Mode of the Raid is coming earlier than expected, October 23rd. Bungie recommends you and your team’s Light level be around 300-320 and goes on to promise rewards for the raid will be in the 310-320 range.

Another update that might be available as soon as next week is some better rewards for the weekly Nightfall event. Bungie themselves have even been on record saying the loot given out has been very underwhelming. The patch notes should shed some light on what was done but here’s hoping it makes the pain of getting through a Nightfall worth it again.

Fans of PvP will be disappointed however, since the new Trials of Osiris mode has been postponed. The reasons as to why this 3v3 event was delayed were vague, saying the team needs more time to investigate a bug that needs to be rebalanced. Chances are they are referring to the Hunter Shadow Shot glitch discovered in PvP.

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