In the face of Destiny’s massive upcoming 2.0.0 update, there will be no Daily or Weekly events this week. Bungie announced on their Help forum, “When Destiny 2.0.0 update releases, there will be no Weekly or Daily events (Nightfall, Daily Heroic Story, Heroic Strike) available for the week of September 8 – September 14, 2015”.

Destiny 2.0.0 is set to be a huge patch, affecting questing, gaining experience, the number of active bounties a player can have, as well as adding multiple game modes and PvP maps. The patch will also implement a Mercy Rule for PvP in an attempt to reduce blowout matches.

Hot on the heels of the 2.0.0 patch will be Destiny’s third expansion, The Taken King, which will launch on September 15. The Taken King comes with a controversial $40 price tag, which is double the price of previous expansions The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

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