Inspired by their 2012 tech demo titled Kara, Quantic Dream, the developer of PS3’s Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, has announced their next game, Detroit: Become Human, coming exclusively to PS4. The original tech demo, which can be found below, introduced an android named Kara, who, in begging not to be destroyed, has a reaction that is in fact just a bit too human. Though originally just a tech demo, many fans clamored to know more and to see where the story would continue. Quantic Dream answered.

Detroit: Become Human, will follow Kara’s story, but won’t tackle the science fiction setting of androids quite as you might expect. Introducing the game on the Sony Paris Games Week stage, the head of Quantic Dream, David Cage, emphasized the game is more about humanity and what it means to be human than anything else.

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