It’s been several days since the release of Killer Instinct Season 3, and its arrival on Windows 10. As such, graphical improvements are obviously desired! A kind fellow by the name of Hectorlo compiled a video showcasing all pre-season 3 characters during Season 2 and Season 3. Running them side-by-side has shown subjectively noticeable improvements or seem to have retrogress.

Most of the changes are slight details, shadows and deepening of color palettes. The team wanted to deliver on ‘next gen’ visuals since early on in the development of the third season. This involved completely remaking the tools and pipelines in order to come out with the current form.

Apart from hearing the amazing soundtrack again, there’s been some incredibly gorgeous changes such as Hisako’s and TJ Combo’s theme. That said, there have been some stages that seem slightly off compared to its previous incarnation. Such as Spinal’s stage losing its vibrancy and color or Riptor’s stage gaining the new filter that makes the stage lose its deep lush palette.

That said, the game still looks incredible and is currently available in its third season on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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