A website confirming the recent rumors of a new System Shock game being in the works, has just gone live. The site itself shows a large timer that, as of the release of this article, shows that we have 4 days until…  official announcement? I would guess so…

It appears that, as the timer ticks down, bits of a logo spelling out “System Shock 3” appear, however it is unclear if more information on the game will be released when the clock finally hits zero or if the timer was just intended to stir up hype, similarly to Bethesda’s “discreet” announcement of Fallout 4 a little while back.

And just to show that the internet makes it really hard to set up a surprise, at around the time the site went live a separate page was accidentally put up that showcased full artwork announcing the games release. The page was quickly taken down, but not before images of the page started circulating. I am kinda’ sad though that the mystique of the timer was kind of ruined like that, it’s like knowing the twist at the end of Fight Club before actually seeing the movie or knowing what your getting for the holidays, it makes for an almost bleak feeling of inevitability.


Who exactly will be developing the game has not yet been revealed, but Paul Neurath (Formerly of Looking Glass Studios and creator of the original System Shock games) is apparently attached to the project through his recently established company, Otherside Entertainment. It is however unclear how involved Neurath is going to be in the styling of the upcoming game.

Additionally, in a recent interview with Stephen Kick, founder of Night Dive Studios, the current rights holder commented on the recent development of a remastered version of the original System Shock by his company as well as their plans for a sequel, “As much as we would love to develop System Shock 3, we’re not equipped with the resources and personnel to do it justice, but we are discussing the possibility with other developers. So is it in our future plans? Yes!”. This might suggest that the project is in fact in the hands of a third-party, but Night Dive has yet to confirm involvement in the recent announcement of System Shock 3.

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