[UPDATE] It looks like they finally pulled the video, but we still have the stills from the movie below. Enjoy, and maybe play some WoW music/sound fx in the background.

Only a select group of people at this years San Diego ComicCon were lucky enough to see first hand what director Duncan Jones and Legendary Pictures have been working on for the better part of six years since the project was first announced. At least, that’s what they thought.

Some audience members managed to record the trailer and post it to the internet for the rest of the world to see. This video and subsequent screenshots are not of the best quality, like most videos of its kind, but they will give you an idea of how this project is coming together. If it’s pulled before you can watch it, we’ve taken some stills that help paint the picture.

Early word doesn’t seem positive. Even the audience member in the leaked footage states 30 seconds in, “I’m already not interested.” He then refers to it as “one big computer” and “Avatar”, of course referring to James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster film, Avatar, which wouldn’t be a terrible thing if that film wasn’t pushing seven years old. Although there has been no word of the trailer officially dropping, perhaps this will push Legendary Pictures to release it so we can see for ourselves.

You can also check out the movie posters that the movie company did officially release.

What do you think? Are you excited for this big screen adventure in Azeroth or is it going to be another video game movie flop? Let us know in the comments!

WarCraft isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until summer of 2016.

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