Dustin Browder, game director for StarCraft 2 Heroes of the Storm, recently tweeted that combat medic and support role character Lt. Morales will most likely be receiving a buff to improve her win rate.  Browder writes “Medic win rate is a little low.  Balance team thinking about a small health buff.”

Like many other competitive online PC games, a character’s win rate varies over time leaving developers with several options on how to approach a specific character’s dynamic within an ever changing game environment.  One manner of overcoming a perceived imbalance within the game environment is to change a character’s base stats to give both the character and human player behind the character a more viable chance of successfully playing to the character’s strengths thereby increasing the likelihood of an improved win rate.

What do you think? Will a small health buff be the necessary aid the combat medic needs or is there something else you would like seen done to Lt. Morales to increase her chances of winning?  Sound off in the comments below!

lt morales

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