“My game is Donkey Kong Country meets Guitar Hero but in a cyberpunk setting.”

“My game is Left 4 Dead meets Brain Age but strategic.”

“My game is Starcraft meets System Shock but abstract.”

These are only a few of the great ideas that you will find at the website pitch(), the indie pitch generator created by Eat Create Sleep, the developers of the game Crest.

With one click of a button, the website generates a video game idea usually mashed up from two other games (nouns) but sometimes one, and an adjective. The ideas it comes up with range from silly (“That game is like Dungeon Keeper, but without fish.”) to amazing (“My game is Shenmue meets Donkey Kong Country but with vampires.”). You can then share your results via Twitter.

Along with Crest which is currently on Steam, Eat Create Sleep has also released Eat Create Sleep Adventures which is free in browser (or download) that they describe as a “documentary game” that parodies what it is like to be a video game developer.

Crest is currently available on Steam for $4.99 or $7.99 for the game with artbook and soundtrack.

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