The Destiny community has all pretty much agreed that the first Iron Banner event after the Taken King expansion was a complete dud. Iron Banner drops were supposed to be plentiful after Crucible games, but this didn’t happen because of a nasty bug.

“Last week, it was clear to us that you were frustrated by the Iron Banner reward drops, and rightly so,” Lars Bakken said, the design lead for Destiny. “It turns out that, when we started digging into the issue, we uncovered a nasty bug that affected how Legendary drops happen throughout the Crucible, including Iron Banner.”

Destiny had promised that players would no longer need to go to Lord Saladin to buy Iron Banner gear, as it would drop consistently after Crucible games. This was not the case and many players took to the forums to complain about the issue.


Bakken has stated that Bungie is doing everything possible to “ensure that the next Iron Banner will work as intended, and be better that before.”

Apparently there are upcoming tweaks coming to Crucible bounties that will reduce their difficulty and reduce the reliance on other players. Also changing will be the extremely long quest line known as “Crucible Forged”, which will be shortened and easier to complete.

These changes are set to come out in the 2.0.2 update, which will arrive before American Thanksgiving.

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