On October 23rd, Xbox Live architect Eric Neustadter announced that he left Microsoft: “After 14.5 years working at Xbox (18.5 at MS) today is my last day”, he says on Twitter “It’s been an amazing ride. So Long, and thanks for All the Gamerscore!”. The reason as to why Neustadter left the company has not been disclosed.

Throughout the years, the Microsoft veteran occupied several positions within his Microsoft and Xbox team. His LinkedIn profile abridges his contributions to the company:

– Architect, Xbox Live Operations
– Gaming Ninja, Xbox Live Operations
– Director of Architecture, Xbox LIVE Operations
– Operations Manager, Xbox LIVE Operations
– Operations Program Manager, Xbox LIVE Operations
– Senior Consultant, Microsoft Consulting Services
– Consultant, Microsoft Consulting Services

Eric Neustadter played a crucial role in Xbox Live’s success. The subscription-based online service thrived during the last decade and the company witnessed a drastic increase in active users. Over 39 million people are currently using Xbox Live.


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