It seems Final Fantasy VII may not be the only remake coming from Square Enix.

Square Enix’s annual report for 2015 states that remakes and smartphone versions of their games will be a key feature to their business. “We will revitalize some of our strong IPs in ways that meet the needs of the modern gaming market. For example, we will take an IP developed for earlier generations of game consoles and recreate it for the latest consoles, while also proactively developing versions for play on smart devices,” the report states.

The report continues to say that the company wants longtime fans to have the opportunity to “relish reliving” classic Square Enix experiences “with a freshness that only the latest in technology can provide, while at the same time have new customers enjoy the IP as though it were brand new.”

“By not only optimizing single pieces of IP for single platforms but also rolling out IP in a multidimensional manner to meet the needs of the modern market, we believe we can deliver exciting new experiences.”

The first of Square Enix’s remakes, Final Fantasy VII, was announced at E3 this year. The game is being directed by Tetsuya Nomura, with scenario writer Kazuhige Nojima and producer Yoshinori Kitase also working on the project. Nomura has mentioned that the story in the remake may deviate somewhat from the original game.

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