With the tribunal now down for over a year, Riot games has been taking new measures to improve the League of Legends community, often with less than stellar results. Their newest method is having players reported for having inappropriate usernames take surveys on narcissistic behavior.

After a player is flagged for having an inappropriate user name, their account is suspended and they are required to fill out a survey, complete 50 games with a new Riot chosen  name, then complete another survey.

The change of policy has incurred some backlash from the community from being overly harsh, considering the former process for users with inappropriate user names consisted of them being given a temporary name and being allowed to choose a new one with next to no penalty.

One part of the survey consists of the player choosing between two choices, such as “I am no better or worse than most people,” or “I think I am a special person.”

Interesting these questions are all lifted from the forced choice portion of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, as pointed out by Vice.

Another part of the survey has the player rate on a scale from zero times to six times how many times they’ve engaged in violent behaviors like threatening others or encouraging others to fight.

Users on the League of Legends subreddit have accused Riot games of partnering or selling the results to academic institutions or researchers.

Riot Games’s past attempts to curb toxic behavior have had mixed responses. These include sweeping chat and game restrictions for toxic players, implementation of low-priority game queues, and preventing toxic players from receiving various in-game rewards.

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