In the age of micro transactions and DLC, racking up a bill of $8,000 isn’t as absurd as you’d think.

Several news articles break each year with parents getting over charged by children. For Lance Perkins, this wasn’t any different. His son was playing FIFA and managed to charge $7,625 to his dad’s credit card. On top of additional previous charges, the total was brought up to $8,206.

Lance Perkins had given his son his a credit card for emergencies, or to make purchases for the family’s convenience store, according to CBC.

Perkins approached his credit card company at first, who told him they wouldn’t refund his card unless he charged his son with fraud. Unwilling to do that, Perkins talked to Microsoft who initially said they wouldn’t refund his account.

When they learned that Perkins son was a minor, they investigated the issue and decided to refund the money. According to Perkins son, he thought the purchase was a one time fee, and he wouldn’t rack up such a bill. His father has told CBC that “There will never be another Xbox system – or any gaming system – in my home.”

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