Metal Gear Online 2

Metal Gear Online mode was live starting October 6th.

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain anticipated online mode is now available on consoles. After seeing Tokyo Game Show gameplay demo people were eager to play the game. Unfortunately, the first day there were many problems. Many people had difficulties joining a single game. Players would also be kicked out of games, and brought back to the MGO hub. According to Eurogamer, ” Hosts can boot any player at any point without a vote, and if a player is booted mid-match, they lose all XP from it.”

Since then Konami has made the online more bearable. Hopefully, Konami will continue to better improve the online experience for the game. Metal Gear Online will be available on PC in January 2016.

There are three playable modes in Metal Gear Online:

  • In Bounty Hunter mode you kill as many players as you can. Each team has tickets or remaining lives to respawn. Every time an enemy is killed that team loses a ticket. Also, every time a player gets a kill they get a number on their head. When a player gets fultoned (balloned) out of the area, that players kills are wiped away, and added to the opposing team’s tickets. When the time limit has been reached, the team with the highest ticket count will be the victor of the match.
  • In Cloak and Dagger attacker’s objective is to claim the data disk and upload in the evacuation point within the time limit. The defenders, obviously, defend the data disk to prevent the attacker’s victory. The attackers are handicapped with only non-lethal weapons, while the defends have lethal ones.
  • In Comm Control attackers must download an intel file from comm links. If the offenders complete their task in the time limit, they win. To capture an com link a player must stay within the near by area until the control changes to their team.


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