New Dark Souls 3 screenshots!

From Software’s sure to be masterpiece of masochism Dark Souls 3 is not due out until early next year but Bandai Namco have been kind enough to share some screenshots of the upcoming game. Within these new screenshots we can see a focus on the unique Dark Souls online system featuring some jolly co-operation and those pesky red phantoms.

For the uninformed the white players we can see are those who are willing to help brave the monolithic bosses alongside us. The red players on the other hand only appear for another reason entirely, to kill your character and make you shell out to replace that controller you just lodged into the wall.

The majority of the images seem to be located in the area From Software has been showing off in all of it’s recent demo’s. This location seems most likely to be included in the Dark Souls 3 beta lasting until the 18th October in both North America and Japan. However no European beta test has been revealed yet.

We can also get a better look at one the new bosses in the game known as the “Dancer of the frigid valley.” As all we’ve witnessed beforehand is a couple of seconds of the fight before the person lucky enough to have their hands on the controller gets re-introduced to the “You Died” screen.

Those worried about the Bloodborne expansion possibly being effected by the project will be relieved to hear that director of both titles, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has reassured fans this will not be the case. The new expansion, coming 24th November, is entitled “The Old Hunters” and will focus on the tales of the legendary hunters we heard referenced in the main game.

Dark Souls 3 is set for an April release in both Europe and North America with the Japanese release coming the 24th of March.

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