Fans of the old BBC show “Time Commanders” will be in for a treat as the BBC announced that a third season will be marking the return of a classic. The page on the BBC is calling for “armchair generals” to sign up and appear on the show and showcase their war tactics.

Time Commanders is a show that pits teams of three against one another in a competitive Total War skirmish. In prior seasons, Time Commanders utilized a unique modified version of Rome: Total War which was only available for the show. These teams of commanders would stand in front of a large planning table and send commands for their players to follow in order to dominate the opposition.

It is currently not known if Creative Assembly will be working in conjunction with BBC on this show again. Nor is it known whether or not the game will feature Rome: Total War again. We have reached out to a Creative Assembly representative for any answers.

Personally, I never heard of the series until I had a chance to watch a few parody videos on YouTube which utilized the latest Creative Assembly game, Total War: Warhammer. It’ll be interesting to see if a return to the series since its 2005 hiatus will prove to be as popular.

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