Avalanche Software has released a new developer diary showing off its newest addition to the open-world action series, Just Cause 3. The video shows developers at work designing various aspects of the world.

Mike Knowland, senior character artist, explains the process behind designing characters. He likens building a character model to molding digital clay. Only when he gets this model perfect, he moves onto texturing.

We also see Jesse Bonelli, a junior environment artist, take an early game military base and deconstruct it into blocks that can be used to easily put together more bases. We also get a glimpse into terrain building and designing explosion effects.

Publisher Square Enix has announced the release date as December 1 for PC and consoles. A DLC Pass has also been announced. On Steam, it’s listed as the “Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Pass” and is priced at $25. The DLC pass will apparently have 3 separate DLC packs including skins, missions, weapons, vehicles, and more.

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