Star Wars: Battlefront just keeps getting more and more content, and this time its three new modes. Training Missions, Battles, and Heroes v Villains.

For those of you unfamiliar with the games, Training Missions is designed for you. Getting your edge on the opponent in any versus mode is important, and Training Missions is going to help hone your skills before you’re up against an opponent.

Training Missions are essentially tutorials, walking you through the controls of different weapons and vehicles. You can do these missions on your own, or with a friend via the internet or splitscreen co-op. Even though these are tutorials, advanced players are encouraged to check it out as a way to redefine their skills, and try out new tactics without the stress of combat.

Battles are a great way to play 1v1 against someone else, allowing you to choose between fighting with or without AI on your teams. The goal is pretty simple, pick up tokens that your opponent drops and be the first to reach 100.

The Battle mode was designed for those seeking to play a deathmatch against someone else, as a lot of other modes are objective based or don’t allow for 1v1 combat in a controlled situation.

Heroes vs Villains is a 3v3 mode designed with short, action packed rounds. There will be a total of 6 players per team, 3 on each team randomly spawning as a iconic character from the franchise, 3 spawning as troopers. As described on the site, “Your team’s objective is to defeat all the opposing Heroes or Villains, or conversely have the highest number of Hero or Villain characters alive at the end of the round. In other words: both offence and defense is required.”

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