While the focus of PAX Prime may be on handheld & console games normally, sometimes we get an announcement that is quite different.

There are tons of announcements that cover the whole gaming spectrum at a community-driven show like PAX Prime. And one of the biggest names in the CCG (Collectible Card Game) world, Magic: The Gathering, had some news for us.

The picture below shows a preview of a new card that the CCG giant shared with us that will be available once the new expansion, Battle for Zendikar, hits the shelves. The Felidar Cub is a White Creature with the power to quickly get rid of an enemy enchantment.


Last night a Magic: The Gathering live stream occurred where the new expansion was shown off to everyone, including new cards and other content you can expect to get your hands on when the expansion becomes available. I don’t normally play physical CCG’s anymore but I must admit even I’m a tiny bit excited for this expansion, maybe it’ll be enough to pull me back in.

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